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Black Box Theater.


What finds its beginning in totemic forms transforms into an artifact through structural disassembly. A Zeta 1 bed 1 bath house is reassembled to form the space of the black box theater. Through this process, the once intimate dwelling that fostered many symbiotic relationships becomes a theater that explores the human condition.

The theater is set on the conceptual site "Victims", a proposal for a WWII memorial by John Hejduk. It's patron is Salvador Dahli, and the productions exemplify symbolic theater. Hence, the theater is a collage of different rhetorics. It is dedicated to the exhibition of Picasso's costumes for the Ballet Russes. It is a vestige of collaged histories, created with a basic modular structural system. 


Academic project

Project Team

Advisor: Darell Fields

Liza Karimova. 2023.

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