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Immersed – The California Houses of Feldman Architecture, published by Oscar Riera Ojeda, is an in-depth look at 20 years of the firm’s defining residential work spanning three areas: Urban, Suburban, and Rural.


Feldman Architecture, a vibrant San Francisco-based studio, aims to create authentic, site-sensitive, sustainable spaces through a deeply collaborative process.


This book, which includes commentary from Aaron Betsky and Daniel P. Gregory, as well as an interview with Vladimir Belogovsky, situates Feldman Architecture’s work within the northern California design canon and illustrates how the firm’s voice subtly translates across diverse geographies and contexts.


Graphic Design, Editing

Project Team

Isabel Verhille, Chris Kurrle, Feldman Architecture

Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers


Liza Karimova. 2023.

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