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L.L.Bean Website

Redesigning L.L.Bean's website navigation structure with Information Architecture principles & UX Research, Concept Modeling, and Card Sorting & Tree Testing studies

Project Team: Liza Karimova 

Client: L.L.Bean   

Constraints: 9 Week Timeline

Presenting recommendations for the navigation structure (Speaker: Liza Karimova)

Research & Design Process

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Understanding Business Goals

  • Conducted background research on company mission, business goals, and target users

  • Researched website purpose


“To inspire and enable people to experience the restorative power of the outdoors.” 

Website purpose

Connect customers with company's values, so they understand with L.L.Bean's products are different and designed to meet customer needs better than their competitors


Individuals of various ages who are interested in outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, fishing, and other recreational pursuits. This includes outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and those seeking durable, reliable clothing and gear.

Content Mapping

  • Created a content inventory

  • Mapped content to primary user tasks

  • Identified missing content

Card Sorting Study

  • Facilitated a Card Sorting Exercise in Optimal Workshop with 5 participants

  • Analyzed results

The results demonstrated that participants grouped content into navigation categories that differed from the ones on the current website.

4 main categories emerged - Shop, Company, Guides & Resources, and Contact.

Content Auditing & Concept Modeling

  • An audit of the existing content was performed

  • Content was re-organized to the categories that emerged from the card sorting exercise

  • A concept model of the website navigation was created

The arrows in the concept model demonstrate the relationships between the concepts. The Company concept and the Guides & Resources concepts support the Shop concept – that is why it is placed above them. All in all, Shop and Guides & Resources capture the company essence, and Company supports their function.

Tree Testing Study

  • Tree testing was conducted with 5 participants using a preliminary site map, based on the research gathered up until this point

  • The results demonstrated some key areas of the site map that needed revision

Site Map Diagram

  • A site map was created to show how the L.L.Bean navigation system needs to be restructured

  • It is recommended that the website navigation system be updated according to this site map 

Liza Karimova. 2023.

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