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Making space exploration safe and accessible for all.

Space pollution is worse than ever, with orbits full of defunct satellites and space debris. We propose a solution that captures small satellites and recycles them into fuel and construction materials that further space research and exploration. 


Excerpt from the presentation describing the ORRUS system (Speaker: Liza Karimova).

Official video describing the problem space, solution system & impact.

Project Team

Liza Karimova

Priyanka Kadam

Nishant Doshi

Lauren DeMaio

The project is part of NYC Design Factory.


CERN IdeaSquare


My Role

User Research

Competitor Analysis

Technological Research

Ideation & Prototyping

Conceptual Thinking

System Design

3D Modeling

Visual Design

Project Management


Implemented by 2030

4 months for R&D

Focus on responsible production & consumption

Liza Karimova. 2023.

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