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Path to Conversation.

For their new San Francisco office, the foreign global financial company wanted a place where their employees could go for a walk while discussing important affairs; yet, the selected location was over 50 stories above the boardwalk. 

We carefully studied the circulation and conceived the space as a promenade above the clouds. We crafted the walk through the office as one would a scenic tour of the city. The resulting environment offers magnificent views and natural light throughout.

Status: Completed.

Project Team

Tai Ikegami, Partner in Charge

Lindsey Theobold, Interior Designer

Nick Polansky, Senior Job Captain

Johnny Lemoine, Designer


Feldman Architecture, Architect

Skyline Construction, General Contractor

Pritchard Peck, Lighting Consultant

Paul Dyer, Photographer

My Role: Designer

Studied programming, created conceptual design diagrams and sketches, 3D models, interior renderings, schematic design documents and drawings.


Competition Proposal​

4 weeks for Design Phase

First tenant in the Salesforce Tower

10,000 square feet

Sky office

Site & User Research

The 180 degree views were analyzed for the most prominent landmarks of the city.

The views from the perimeter were subdivided to create distinct experiences and frame apertures as one travels along the circulation path. A gradient of public and private spaces emerged and unfolded to face the urban panorama.

Walk and Talk_Page_05_edited.jpg
Walk and Talk_Page_06_edited.jpg
Sky office

Our cultural research lead us to discover the concept of walking while meeting. We made this concept the core feature of our design by maximizing the length of the walking path. 

We created organizational diagrams to capture the intentionally framed views while walking through the office space.

Walk and Talk_Page_07_edited.jpg
Walk and Talk_Page_07_edited.jpg
Walk and Talk_Page_07_edited.jpg
Walk and Talk_Page_07_edited.jpg

Liza Karimova. 2023.

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