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“Sculptchair” is an experimental transformation of the cushioned seat, which features interchangeable chair tops as a playful ode to our interaction with the sitting surface. While molding concrete into fabric, and engraving the original paisley upholstery pattern into the seat, we have literally and figuratively pushed and pulled at the limits of comfort, treating the seat as an object in itself.

The team used a combination of nylon and spandex, which was stretched between wood sheets to create the formwork. Fishing line and wire was tied underneath to create a mesh that pushed and pulled on the fabric. Quick Crete was then poured into the resulting concave and convex form, and was left for a few days to set. The process was repeated with different fabrics and meshes.

The project was treated as an experiment, where there were no successes and failures, just variations on a hypothesis.


Design, Fabrication

Project Team

Liza Karimova, Johnny Lemoine, Michael Trentacosti, Nick Polansky, Chris Kay


Liza Karimova. 2023.

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