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Villa Lattuga.

The project aims to tell the following story...


The ruins of an old tuscan villa are discovered at 36.46 N,121.8 W. Remains of four different stone structures can be identified.

The vision is to use the vestiges of the ancient compound as the basis for a modern dwelling. The aged stone wall exoskeleton will host a modern insertion. The four structures are re-imagined as the constituents of a home....

Situated in the mountains on the Santa Lucia Preserve, the dwelling aims to marry the old with the new. The owner's penchant for tuscan villas and Italian countrysides brings character and timelessness to the modern design, showcased through craftsmanship, form making and materiality.

Status: Under Construction

Project Team

Jonathan Feldman, Partner in Charge

Ben Welty, Project Manager

Feldman Architecture, Architect

RJL Construction, General Contractor

Ground Studio, Landscape Architect

Leverone Design, Interior Designer

Tucci Lighting, Lighting Designer

Strandberg Engineering, Structural Engineer

Whitson Engineers, Surveyor & Civil Engineer

Moore Twinning, Geotechnical Engineer

Monterey Energy Group, MEP Engineer

Maureen Hamb, Arborist

My Role: Job Captain, Designer

Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Construction Administration, Project Management, Consultant Coordination, Rendering, Sketching


Located in a Nature Preserve in Carmel

1 Acre buildable area, 28 acre lot

Flora & Fauna Preservation

4,000 square feet

Site Grid Diagram.jpg
3 Vista Cielo. William Gheen-bwe-103.jpeg

Design & Construction Process

drone photo.png

Liza Karimova. 2023.

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